Dina Wakley MEdia Tag Pocket Book by Megan Whisner Quinlan

In this tutorial, Megan Whisner Quinlan shows you how easy it is to make this interactive Tag Pocket Book using Dina Wakley MEdia Gloss Sprays, Stamps, and Stencils. Use the hidden tags to journal about your deepest secrets.


Making your own handmade book can be a special way to capture a theme or create one for a friend. Follow along and learn how to make this fun and easy tag pocket book! 


Step 1: Stamp and cut out the images with Jet Black Archival Ink onto white cardstock. You are basically creating collage fodder to add to your pages. Be sure to stamp extra circles from either set to create the tabs in step 9.  


Step 2: Spray four #10 tags with all of the Acrylic Sprays on one side and allow to fully dry. Turn tags over and reapeat.  


Step 3: Fold each tag in half up to the circle of the tag.


Step 4: Create two pairs of tags, with the flat ends in the centers.


Step 5: Take two plain #10 tags and trim the bottoms so that they will fit perfectly in the tag pockets.  


Step 6: Staple the very bottom and very top on both sets of inner pages, creating your tag pockets. You now have two signatures for your book.  


Step 7: Glue the back of one signature to the front of the other signature together to join your book together. 


Step 8: Cut a piece of Stickyback Canvas Tape the length of your spine. Using the Mini Blending Tool with Foam and Acrylic Paints, stencil the pages, tag inserts, and tape. 


Step 9: Cut four of the stamped circles in half and glue to either side of the right hand edge of the tags. This will create the tabs for your inserts. Use the collage fodder to create text and decorate the tabs.  


Step 10: Align the Sticky Back Canvas Tape along the edge of the book and peel the understicker to adhere to the spine. Once you have inserted the tags be sure that they go far enough into the pockets that you will be able to loop some ribbon through the tag holes to close your book. 



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