Dot Mandala Painting by Iryna Swartz

Guest Artist, Iryna Swartz shares her passion for creating Dot Mandala Paintings using Liquid Pearls, Stickles and Dina Wakley Media Acrylic Paints. The fine tip applicators are perfect for creating dots of all sizes in this stunning tutorial. 




Dot Mandala Painting

Step 1:  Paint outside of the wooden coaster with Dina Wakley Media Paint in Ruby. 

Step 2:  Paint another circle with Dina Wakley Media Paint in Cheddar. 

Step 3:  Paint inner circle with Dina Wakley Media Paint in Lemon.

Step 4: Blend colors with blending sponge. 

Step 5: Use a mandala stencil to trace design with a white colored pencil. Begin adding in petals.

Step 6:  Use a stylus to add a large dot to center with Dina Wakley Media Paint in Lemon.

Step 7: Place a Fine Tip Applicator to the Lightning Liquid Pearls and apply small dots around middle circle. 

Step 8: Use a fine tip brush to paint over white pencil lines with Dina Wakley Media Black Paint. Let dry.

Step 9: Add another set of petals in between first set with white pencil. Paint over with a fine tip brush and Black Paint.

Step 10: Add rows of dots down each large petal using Outrageous Liquid Pearls. Add smaller dots using a stylus.   

Step 11: Use Bronze Liquid Pearls to apply dots to the center of the large black dots.

Step 12: Add Bronze Liquid Pearl dots on either side of the bottom petals. Use a stylus to drag the dots into a tear shape. Repeat by adding another dot above the first and drag to form tear drop. 

Step 13: Apply Outrageous Liquid Pearls to center of teardrops and around the yellow center.

Step 14: Squeeze a dot of Grapefruit Stickles on each of the large petals. Use a stylus to spread Stickles and fill in the petal. 

Step 14: Place a dot of Grapefruit Stickles to the top of each bottom layer petal and directly in the middle of the yellow center. Allow mandala to dry.

Step 15: Use a moistened q-tip to clean mandala of any dust or debris. Seal with a glossy varnish or using ICE Resin. 

Iryna Swartz shares her techniques for creating this stunning dot mandala painting. 


Iryna Swartz

I love adding beauty and color to the world through my vision of art. I found a love for creating beauty in rocks through paint, over four years ago. Every single surface I paint is uniquely special and one of a kind. I never know where my imagination nor passion for art will take me. From the first dot to my final masterpiece,  I put my heart and love into my work. You can follow Iryna on Instagram, @art_on_the_rocks.

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