Dylusions Archival Ink Damned If I Do Journal Page by Jess Peters

Explore the latest Dylusions products in this journal page tutorial with Jess Peters! Crafted in the new Large Ledger Journal, with the vivid hues of Dylusions Archival Ink and playful patterns from Dylusions Stencils, this journal page is a burst of fun, color, and imagination.


The great thing about the Dylusions Ledger Journal is that every page already has something on it to give your creativity a jolt! Follow along with me to create a bright and fun page with tons of layers and a whole lot of sparkle.

Step 1: Open to a lined page in the large ledger journal and write down whatever comes to mind, be sure to use a permanent or water resistant pen.


Step 2: Using a baby wipe, apply Strawberry Daiquiri paint all over your writing leaving a few blank spaces in the corners.


Step 3: Apply Shimmer Paint in Bubblegum Pink through the large On Point stencil using a makeup sponge.

Step 4: Mount the two large hexagon stamps from the quilts of brushstrokes set onto the journal block. Ink one with Dylusions Archival Ink in Cut Grass, and the other with Dirty Martini. Stamp the images onto a separate blank sheet from your journal and repeat with the Archival Ink in Polished Jade so that you’ll have three stamped images. 

Step 5: Trace three diamond shapes onto each stamped image using the on point stencil as your guide.

Step 6: Cut out each shape and ink all the edges with Dylusions Archival Ink in Black Marble.

Step 7: Find these three images from the collage sheet #1 and the quote in the bigger black chat set #3 that reads “I choose damned if I do”. Glue the quote and images to a blank sheet.

Step 8: Cut out all the elements and ink the edges with the Black Marble Archival Ink. Note: use the image of the eye as a guide to cut the same size circle from the square collage piece.

Step 9: Gather all of your elements and arrange the layout. Glue everything down and trim the edges that stick out once it’s dry.

Step 10: Using the end of a paintbrush, place dots of paint in the Dirty Martini color randomly all over the page. Apply Black Marble Archival Ink to the edges of the page and smudge with your finger.

Step 11: Add some sparkly details by bordering all of the green elements with Dylusions Stardust Stickles. 


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