Dylusions Dyalog Seascape by Milagros Rivera

Dylusions Dyalog Seascape by Milagros Rivera

By: Ranger |

Books & Journals | Dylusions by Dyan Reaveley

Summer and Dylusions go hand in hand. The brightness of Dyan’s colors make it all shine. With a little help from her stamps we’re going to create a fantasy seascape deep in the waters. So are you ready to get inky?


Step 1: Spray the Mushy Peas Ink Spray and Fresh Lime Shimmer spray on your journal, press your stencil and close your journal to smear the color in both pages. Don’t you just adore the Dylusions Shimmer Sprays!!!!! I’m crazy about their glow.

Step 2: I thought the sea creature had legs I could use as seaweed so I flipped him backwards.

Then, stamp the mermaid tail.

Step 3: Next comes the bubbles. I put them together on the block. Use your White Linen pen to fill the color of the bubbles. Good therapy!

Step 4: You need to know that I’m an islander and I live in a coastal town, our local beach is called Seven Seas because that’s as many shades of blues and turquoise there are. So I’ve used almost as many colors painting my background. I use Dyan’s ink with a paint brush to apply as my next layer.

Step 5: Paint to your hearts content and then add the next layer with the paint. You can even wet your brush a little bit and smear and glow the paint over your page.

Step 6: Mermaids are part fish and so their scales are sparkly right!!! So this is a double purpose thing I didn’t want to lose Dyan’s drawings on the scales and I didn’t want to lose the shimmer from the undercoat. I wish you could see this in real life and see how pretty and glowing it is!

Step 7: Have fun with your colors painting the mermaids.