Dylusions I'm Not Snarky Journal Spread by Milagros Rivera

In this tutorial, Milagros Rivera reminds you to embellish the envelope and inside cover of your Dylusions Jumpstart Journal, and learn how to make this colorful background that uses Dylusions Flip Cap Paints and Shimmer Paints for a luminous glow.


One of the coolest features the Dylusions journal have is the pocket they come with. A place to keep stencils, masks, ephemera, the occasional stamp etc. So why not create art with them? It’s the perfect introduction to the rest of your art journey.


Step 1: Open your journal and apply a thin coat of Gesso.

Step 2: Now it’s time for some fun, using your chosen palette, paint in random patterns. Make sure you remember the color wheel so they don’t get muddy. I used the white to lighten some of the colors. The Shimmer Paints give a spectacular glow to the pages!

Step 3: I spent one Sunday drive cutting my collage pieces while my husband drove. It’s therapy and you’re ready when inspiration strikes. I switched the legs in this set to complement my background.
Step 4: Use a glue stick to adhere your chosen pieces, they’re all so fun!
Step 5: Once glued, use your pen to outline and in some instances like this one draw a simple neck   You’ll need the Fudeball pen because it’s the one that will write over acrylic paint.

Step 6: Ink your stamps with Jet Black Archival and stamp directly over your background.


Step 7: I love that I can still see the work I did underneath.


Step 8: Use black marble on your distress tool over a stitching stencil.

Step 9: Afterwards draw over it with a white pen
Also use your white pan to give interest to the background with a few scattered flowers. You can doodle inside the petals if you’d like.

Step 10: Here’s the finished spread.


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