Dylusions Snarky Cards by Josephine Fourage

In this tutorial, Josefine Fourage shares how she creates a collection of snarky greeting cards using an assortment of Dylusions and Gel Plate products. Decorated with Dylusions Back Chat Stickers- a collection of snarky phrases, these funny cards are perfect to have on had when you need to bring a smile to someone's face.


Sometimes you just need something to laugh, a funny picture or – since we are all artists –- a snarky greeting card. Why not creating a set of them, so we have them at hand when a friend needs to giggle a bit?

The Gel Plate 3-pack assortment comes with a small, round Gel Plate that is perfect for clean and simple mixed media cards. It’s small enough to fit inside a regular A2 sized card.

 Dylusions Snarky Cards Step 1

Step 1: To begin, add a bit of Dylusions Paint onto the Gel Plate. 

Dylusions Snarky Cards Step 2

Step 2: Blend the two colors with a Gel Plate brayer.

Dylusions Snarky Cards Step 3

Step 3: Then add a stencil on top and press a piece of card stock on top. That will leave you with an impression of only those areas that were open in the stencil.

Dylusions Snarky Cards Step 4

Step 4: But that’s not it. When you use a stencil for monoprinting you can get another impression from the Gel Plate without the stencil between the paper and the plate and another print from the stencil that has some paint on the other side. So, you get three impressions quickly. Do the same with a different combination of colors and use another stencil.

Dylusions Snarky Cards Step 5

Step 5: Another option for a design on the Gel Plate is using rubber stamps, like these feathers. Stamp into the Gel Plate and use the paint that is now on the stamp to create an impression on one of the already existing prints. Once you remove all the paint you wanted from the Gel Plate, you create an impression.

Dylusions Snarky Cards Step 6

Step 6: You can also create a second impression on top of another print to add a second layer.

Dylusions Snarky Cards Step 7

Step 7: The stamped image can be a real eye-catcher, like this pink feather on top of the turquoise circle.

Dylusions Snarky Cards Step 8

Step 8: Once you finish making your cards, you can start decorating them. The snarky Bigger Back Chat Stickers are perfect for these circles.

Dylusions Snarky Cards Step 9

Step 9: In addition, you can add a few die-cuts to some of the cards.

Dylusions Snarky Cards Step 10

Step 10: As a final step, add a variety of marks to all the cards – circles, stripes and scribbles – with Letter It™ Fineliners and Dylusions Paint Pens.

Dylusions Snarky Cards Step 11

Step 11: The Dylusions Paint Pens were also great to cover up some of the smudges that I accidentally ended up with.

Here are all the cards that I created this time. Of course, you can stop with one card or make many more. It’s all up to you.

 Dylusions Snarky Cards Close up 1

Dylusions Snarky Cards Close Up 2

Dylusions Snarky Cards Close Up 3

Dylusions Snarky Cards Close Up 4



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