Dylusions Textured Tag by Kristi Nazzaro

I really love the look of texture in all of my art. Whether it be added stitching, fabric scraps or layers of paint – I think texture gives an added element that really sets pieces apart from a one dimensional look. I like holding a piece in my hand and feeling all the different built up layers.


The Dylusions line by Ranger is so versatile. You really can go in so many directions when creating. For this tag I knew I wanted more than just stitching as added texture.

Step 1: Cut one sheet of Sticky Back Canvas in half. Using a pallet knife, add Texture Paste through the Dylusions Sugar Lumps Stencil.

Step 2: I used a Heat it Tool to speed the drying process up. Be careful not to overheat the Texture Paste.

Step 3: Spritz the Craft Sheet with Dylusions Spray Ink in Postbox Red, Pure Sunshine and Lemon Zest. I also added the Dylusions Shimmer Spray in Pure Sunshine. Use a Mini Mister to lightly spray the ink with water.

Step 4: Place the texture pasted sticky-back canvas over into the ink and spread it around. I tried to make sure I was covering the canvas completely. Pick up the canvas sheet and moved it around to make sure the colors were blending.

Step 5: Use the Blending Tool to fill in any spaces not covered by ink.

Step 6: I partially peeled the backing off and firmly stuck a tag to the canvas.

Step 7: Return the backing and trace around the tag with a pencil to make cutting the tag out easier. Then cut out the tag.

Step 8: I chose one of the Dylusions postcards and fussy cut the image I planned to use.

Step 9: I then cut a few word phrases from an old book I use in my collage art. I glued both the image and the words down with a Dylusions Collage glue stick.

Step 10: Using my sewing machine, I added stitching around the image as well as the border of the tag. I never worry about straight lines. Wonky stitching adds character to your pieces and perfection is simply overrated. Let the machine do the work and enjoy the process.

Step 11: I had a few pieces of scrap material and ribbon and I used that as my tie up top. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and I look forward to seeing what you make with your Dylusions and Ranger products!

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