Floating Bubbles by Megan Whisner Quinlan

In this tutorial, Megan Whisner Quinlan shares how she adds pieces of Dina Wakley MEdia Collage Collective and Tim Holtz Paper Dolls to create a magical, floating bubble themed journal page.



Remember that scene in The Wizard of Oz when Glenda the good witch floats into the scene in her beautiful bubble? It was quite the entrance. How about creating that same effect on your journal pages? Follow along for some magical fun to include for your art journaling!

Floating Bubbles Step 1

Step 1: Spray your journal page with Fuschia and Night to begin your background. Let the colors mix together and saturate the page, to create some “cosmic” effects. These sprays work particularly well in creating a night time sky look. Allow to dry.

Floating Bubbles Step 2

Step 2: With some White Gesso, use the Mini Blending Tool to makes some bubles through the Circles for Painting stencil. Go lightly in the center, allowing a little more of the under color to peek through. This will give more dimension to your buble. Optional: Here paint splatters were added for even more of a starlight sky effect, and some doodles in the bubbles with white marker.

Floating Bubbles Step 3

Step 3: Find a complementary page from the Collage Collective and tear out. Stencil some branches from the Branches stencil (or any other Dina Wakley Media botanical stencil) onto the underside of the page. Cut around your images and you will have some great collage botanicals to use in your spread.

Floating Bubbles Step 4

Step 4: Find some images from the Tim Holtz Idea-ology paperdolls that fit into your bubbles. No need to fill every bubble, three should be plenty. Here, seated images were chosen for a more deliberate look. Standing figures would look very interesting as well.

Floating Bubbles Step 5

Step 5: Arrange your branches and paperdolls on your page. Glue down with Ultra Thick Gel Medium. Tear out a quote that speaks to you and your composition from the Collage Tissue Just Words.




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