Marbled Coasters by Taylor Huizenga

by Taylor Huizenga


Step 1: Begin with plain, glazed tiles. I decided to do a set of four coasters, but the amount you choose, is up to you. Clean off the tiles with rubbing alcohol to remove any dirt or dust. Tape off the back of the tile with painters tape. Using another piece of tape, tape off the front of the tile creating a diagonal line across the center. Repeat on all the tiles.

Step 2: Using the Dina Wakley Media White Gesso, give and even coat on the larger portion of the tile which is not taped off. Allow to dry completely before moving on.

Step 3: Fill a disposable container with water. Add drops of Archival Re-Inker to the water. I started with the Paradise Teal Archival Reinker. The drops will separate within the water, but will not mix with the water. Slowly dip the gesso covered side of the tile in to the container.

Step 4: Remove the tile from the container and place on a towel to dry. You can use a HeatIt Craft tool to help dry the excess water. Once the first layer has semi-dried, drip tile a second time. I repeated this process until the tile had been dipped in the water three times to give a good amount of color.

Step 5: Repeat this process with all the tiles. I chose to use different colors on each tile, so I dumped the water, gave the disposable container a quick wipe down and refilled with water to help prevent any cross contamination of colors. For these tiles, I used Majestic Violet, Paradise Teal, Vivid Chartreuse, and Vibrant Fuchsia. Allow the tiles time to dry, I let them sit over night to ensure they were very dry.

Step 6: When completely dry, slowly remove the painters tape from the coasters top to reveal the straight line you’ve now created.

Step 7: Mix ICE Resin® according to instructions. Starting on the blank side of the tile, work the ICE Resin all around the tile to evenly coat. You can use the stir sticks to help guide the resin to the edges.

Step 8: Repeat on each coaster. Allow to dry overnight.

Step 9: Now that the marbled side of the coaster is completed, tape off the marbled half of the tile and gesso the other half of the tile, where it was blank. Allow gesso to dry.

Step 10: Coat the tiles with Dina Wakley Media Penny Paint. Allow to dry. Coat a second time for a good, even coverage.

Step 11: When the paint has dried completely, gently remove painter’s tape.

Step 12: Again, coat coasters with ICE Resin. Allow to dry overnight.

Step 13: Once completely dry, flip coasters over and add vinyl bumpers to the four corners of the tiles. This will help prevent scratching when in use.

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