My Valentines by Miranda van den Bosch

by Miranda van den Bosch


Every year on February 14th many people send cards and presents to their loved ones in honour of St. Valentine. Dylusions has quite a few products that you can use to make something special for your Valentine. I decided to dedicate my journal pages to all the animals, because I just looooooove animals.

Step 1: For this blogpost, I went back to the wonderful Dylusions Inks. You can put paints exactly on the spot you want it to be, with the inks you can’t. Inks live a life of their own and that is what I love about the inks, you can’t control them. So you’re in for some unexpected treasures when you start using them.
For my project I used Pure Sunshine, Bubblegum Pink, Cherry Pie, White Linen and bubblegum pink micas pray.
I also used a spray bottle of water and a large flat brush.

Step 2: Spray some water on your page. Spray the inks in the water, slap your brush in the ink and splatter the ink around and then hold your journal straight up so the ink runs down onto the other page. I didn’t cover the whole page with ink, but I left quite a bit white which is always a bit scary….

Step 3: Take a stencil (I used flowers) and spray water through the stencil (1). Pick up your stencil and flip it and press onto your page. This way you will get a negative and positive print of your stencil (2).

Step 4: For the next step, I used 2 other stencils (cobwebs and hearts) and spray some ink through your stencil (1). Flip over your stencil and press the ink on your page (2).

Step 5: This is how the page looks now. Ready for the next few steps.

Step 6: I have used the Bubblegum Pink Mica Spray as well. The Mica Spray give your project a lovely shimmer. I tried to take a photograph of the shimmer, but I’m not sure if you can see it clearly this way.

Step 7: Now it is time to start decorating the pages. I stamped the images on smooth watercolour paper using Jet Black Archival Ink. I coloured all the images with coloured pencils (different brands). Before I glue down the images to the page, I use the Dylusions Paint Pen (Black Marble) to trace all the black parts of the images. The paint in the paint pens is the same as the Dylusions paint jars and it dries quickly. So to keep your pen going, clean the nib regularly with a baby wipe. You also have to shake the pen now and then and press down the nib to fill the reservoir with paint. Don’t bang the nib on the table, because this will break your pen.

Step 8: All the images are coloured and cut out. Now it’s time to decorate the rest of the page.

Step 9: For the border I used a stamp from the ‘Around the Edge’ stamp set (1) . Don’t worry if you are not able to stamp it neatly, you can always correct that later with a paint pen. For the dangling hearts I used this lovely heart stamp from the ‘Inbetweenies’ stamp set (2). I use a sticky note to protect the border while stamping the hearts.

Step 10: I used Dylusions paints (Black Marble), a mini ink blending tool and a heart stencil (from the suits stencil set) to add a few hearts to the page. And this is how the page looks so far. Now it’s time to glue down the images.

Step 11: The stamp sets I used are Passage Of Time (body), Oh Deer! (head), Puddy Cats and Puppy Dog Tales. Glue down all the images to your page using the Ranger Glue Stick. For the finishing touch I journaled a little in the black hearts using the Dylusions paint pen (White Linen). The anonymous quote was found on the internet.

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