Own Your Dreams by Milagros Rivera

by Milagros Rivera


Looking for some winter inspiration in an island with no snow can be quite the task! So I searched my head and remembered one of my dreams, that of seeing the Northern Lights at least once in my lifetime! When Ranger put together an Alcohol Ink Kit I decided to jump in to have it all, again with the island situation, alcohol inks don’t fly so I patiently waited five weeks for them to come by boat! But I was soooo happy, in it was a set of stamps that had the perfect sentiment: Own your Dreams!
Tim Holtz has this quote in another set of stamps “Out of limitations comes creativity,” it’s one I’ve used quite a number of times because of the truth it carries. So back to my card, I wanted to create the Aurora Borealis but my kit only provided Stream, Sunshine Yellow and Red Pepper… Sooo here comes creativity to the rescue, I decided to experiment with Ice Resin tints since I had Lolite and Beryl and they looked like the thing I needed!

Step 1: Squirt a line of beryl and lolite in your applicator tool with felt.

Step 2: Swipe the applicator down your paper, I was going for the Northern Lights so I swirled and gave it some movement.

Step 3: Squirt the Stream Alcohol Ink on your applicator tool and finish that sky!

Step 4: Add some Blending Solution to help you shade the blue in the sky.

Step 5: Add Archival Ink to your pine trees stamp. Check out the swirl I created at the bottom of the stamp by using the Applicator Tool to remove some of the ink and in doing so decrease the line that the stamp has. I did not follow protocol here, I started stamping some of the trees on the left and some of the trees on the right, varying the height and leaving my northern lights to be the star. We’re going for a forest vibe here!

Step 6: Now you’re ready for a blizzard! Load an old brush with the Distress Grit Paste (insert addicted to the stuff here) and spray those trees away!

Step 7: I used some Distress Rock Candy Glitter over the wet paste. Then I stamped Own your Dreams inside my card.

Step 8: Here comes experiment #2! I squirted Ice Resin tints Lolite and Beryl and Stream Alcohol Ink along with some mixative over my Craft Sheet.

Step 9: Using my stamp I swirled the colors together.

Step 10: I hand stamped over a blank porcelain mug!

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