Playing in the Autumn Leaves Journal Page by Anita Houston

by Anita Houston


Combine older and newer Dina Wakley Media stencils and stamps to create an Autumn scene in your art journal, using lots of Ranger’s coordinating Paint Dabbers and Dye Ink Pads.

Step 1: Use a two-page spread in the Large Dylusions Creative Journal, and add strips of Dina Wakley Media Tape along the length of both right and left sides. Add more strips in groups of threes along the bottom. Take the Mighty Wave stencil and lay it across the upper portion of page, and lightly rub the Java Bean Paint Dabber through only the top two rows of the waves. Do not squeeze too hard…think of it like dry brushing. Do the same on the other page.

Step 2: Take the positive portion of the Sun Rays from The Basics stencil, and line it up in a dip between hills on the left page. Paint that in with Pearl Metallic. Remove the stencil, and paint in the rest of the rounded area to complete the sun. Let that dry.

Step 3: Place the negative portion of the sun rays stencil on the sun, and ink around it first using Lemon Twist, then Buttered Popcorn, and then Cheese Puff carrying it over to the right page. Ink with Pink Gumball from the bottom of the sky on the right page, and then ink Grape Soda, Blue Yonder, and finishing with Blue Ribbon at the very top edge of the right-hand sky.

Step 4: Ink over the land portion first with Electric Lime, and then add Emerald Isle and Java Bean randomly over several areas especially up by the hills and the borders of the pages. Ink over all the land area with Lemon Twist.

Step 5: Take the brown cardstock and die cut the Twisted Edge first on the left side of the paper. Then turn the paper upside down and die cut it again while lining it up with the first die cut, so that it resembles a tree. Do the same thing again so that you have two trees. Trim them from the paper, and then cut off some of the swirl branches so that you have a definite looking trunk. Adhere the swirl branches you just cut to other areas on the top of the tree, or even roots, using Gel Medium. Take one of the trees and cut it in half down the middle of the trunk, so that you now have three. Pounce Java Bean paint over the trees, creating texture with the paint. Let them dry.

Step 6: Ink over the #12 tag with Lemon Twist, Cheese Puff, and Classic Cherry Die Inks, creating a marbled look. Stamp the two images of the people and two sets of wings onto the tag with Black Tie ink. Cut these out, and ink the edges of all the pieces with Classic Cherry. Adhere the wings to the people using Gel Medium.

Step 7: Adhere the trees to the journal pages with Gel Medium, the whole tree in the upper middle, and the half trees each on the upper borders of the pages along the paper tape. Apply about a 1/2 teaspoon of White Gesso to the Craft Sheet, and mix in the same amount of Lemon Twist Paint. Mix this up, and apply it to the branches of all the trees in circular shapes using a paintbrush. Let this dry, and clean the Craft Sheet and brush.

Step 8: Take the Layered Tree Stencil and place it below a tree, and lightly (think dry brushing) pounce Buttered Popcorn paint through some parts of the leaf portion of the stencil. Move the stencil and keep pouncing so that it looks like scattered falling leaves are under the tree. Do the same to the other trees, then randomly and ever so lightly pounce the paint around the land area. Pounce the same paint, more heavily now over the circular gessoed areas in the trees.  Lay the same stencil over the yellow leaves you just created, and repeat using the Cheese Puff paint, but pouncing it very lightly over the yellow leaves so there are just dots on the yellow leaves. It’s tricky to find the same portion of the stencil you used the first time, so try to remember how you’ve laid it. Again, pounce the Cheese Puff lightly over the land, and then over the trees. Repeat all the same steps using the Classic Cherry paint. Add in a little bit of Lily Pad paint to the trees and land as well. Let this dry, and clean your stencil.

Step 9: Adhere the people to the pages, the one with closed wings on the left bottom page, and the one with open wings in the middle of the right page, using Gel Medium. Lay the walnut/onion looking portion of the Basics Stencil, underneath the person on the left page, so that half the stencil is on the journal and paint that in with Buttered Popcorn, and make sure her feet are in it so that it will look like she is standing in the middle of a pile of leaves. Do the same underneath the other person, so it looks like they have just jumped up from the pile of leaves. Let this dry.

Step 10: Lay the Leafy stencil over the pile you just created, and tape off a border over the stencil using washi tape so that you don’t accidentally stencil in where you don’t want it. Pounce Java Bean paint over the stencil. Do the same to the other pile. Tape off another area of the Leafy Stencil so that it looks like flames from a torch (best description I could think of) and stencil this in above the flying person’s hands, so that it looks like they have thrown leaves in the air, using Buttered Popcorn. Add a few more of those leaves around that pile of leaves so that it looks like they were rustled when the person jumped up. Add Cheese Puff paint and then Classic Cherry very lightly through the same stencil over the same leaves you just created. Let this dry. Clean your stencil, but don’t remove the tape yet.

Step 11: Place the Leafy Stencil back over the same areas, and apply Transparent Gloss Texture Paste through it with a palette knife, over the leaves. Clean the stencil, and now remove the tape. Place the Layered Leaf Stencil over the trees and randomly stencil in some leaves using the Transparent Gloss Texture Paste as well. Let this dry, and clean the stencil.

Step 12: Shake the Buttercup Mica Spray until all the mica is dispersed, and pour a small amount out onto the Craft Sheet. Pick it up with the paintbrush, and paint it over the leaves underneath the trees, around the borders of the tree branches, and in the areas around the leaves on the piles. Then splatter the Mica Spray all around the land by tapping the end of the paintbrush. Let this dry and clean your paintbrush.

Step 13: Stamp the three sentiments using Black Tie ink, and add the word Autumn to the ‘celebrate life’ sentiment as well as exclamation points to the ends of each, using the Label Letters. Use a Red Fude Ball Pen to trace around the people, and trace around some of the leaves on the ground, and a few in the trees. Use the Black and White Paint Pens to doodle around the sentiments and the wings of the people.

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