Stenciled Holiday Towel by Wendy Vecchi

by Wendy Vecchi


Step 1: Place a cardstock scrap under the area to be stenciled. This prevents ink from being transferred thru the towel.

Choose your Archival Inks. Place the “Merry Christmas” stencil over the striped area and use Painter’s Tape to mask off the surrounding area. This also holds the stencil in place.

Use Watering Can with the Mini Blending Tool to stencil.

Step 2: Position the larger pine tree slightly to the left of center and stencil with Garden Patina. Use a Q-Tip to transfer Potting Soil ink to the tree trunk area.

Step 3: Place tape over the stripe to mask it off. Turn the stencil over to get a slightly different version of the tree. 

Position the tree so that the bottom is on the tape, allowing a shorter tree to be stenciled. Stencil the tree with Fern Green.

With the tape still in place, stencil a shorter tree to the left, using Fern Green.

Step 4: Now switch to the small tree stencil. With tape in place, stencil a short small tree, using Garden Patina.

Step 5: Now stencil the full small tree to the right, using Fern Green.

Step 6: Position the Polka Dotty stencil and line up a row of dots, directly under the striped border. Mask off the area above and below the dots and stencil one row of dots, using Garden Patina.

Step 7: Stencil a large and small star using Watering Can on the right side. Stencil a small star to accent the small tree on the far left.

Step 8: Tap the spatter stamp onto the Watering Can pad and lightly add “snowflakes” around the trees.

Step 9: Dry and heat set the inks with the Heat-It Tool or iron.

Additional Example: If you prefer more traditional holiday colors, here’s another example. 
This uses Fern Green, Jet Black, and Buttercup archival ink for the stars.

Tips & Hints:

  • Archival Ink is the ink of choice for stenciling on fabric, since it is waterproof and permanent when dry. These can be washed with no problem. As long as the ink is dry, the design is permanent.
  • Choose a towel with a small amount of texture. This adds to the texture of the trees.
  • Painter’s Tape holds the stencil securely in place and also keeps the background protected.

  • The Mini Blending Tool is my choice for stenciling. The smaller footprint is perfect.
  • When stenciling on fabric, I find it best to tap, twist and turn the Blending Tool over the stencil. This seems to work perfect and it doesn’t stretch or move the fabric. Rubbing sometimes moves the fabric under the stencil.
  • Think holiday hostess gifts! I’m thinking these would be fun to send instead of a card!
  • These can be customized to fit any decor. Use traditional holiday colors or change it up like this towel. These can be created in 10 to 15 minutes. SERIOUSLY…it’s much quicker than writing the instructions!

    Wendy Studio490 

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