Using ICE Resin® on Photos

ICE Resin® on Photos


You can easily use ICE Resin® with your scrapbooking and memory projects. Incorporating photos into jewelry is a hot trend in crafting right now. There are a few things to keep in mind to create successful memory projects with ICE Resin®.

You will need to seal your photographs before using ICE Resin® on them. If you are using photos that have been printed in a commercial photo studio, there are a few ways to properly seal your images.

The first method is for sealing a photo. Coat the photo with our Art Mechanique® Paper Sealant. When using pictures printed from your home inkjet printer, make sure the ink is nice and dry, then seal the images using our Art Mechanique® Paper Sealant or use packing tape or clear contact paper over the front and back surface.

Whatever method you choose to create a barrier, be sure to completely seal the photo or print,front and back. If you don’t, the resin may leak into any unsealed paper surfaces and can cause the paper to have a mottled look. If using clear packing tape or clear contact paper, be sure to leave a tiny sealed edge around all corners of the picture.

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