You Are Beautiful Gift Bag by Samantha “Scarlyton” Carlton

Hello! I’m Samantha, known as Scarlyton in the art community, and I’m stoked to share this project using Dina Wakley’s NEW PRODUCTS! I created this on a kraft paper gift bag but you could easily use your Dina Wakely Media Journal or loose leaf Dina Wakley Media Kraft Paper.


Step 1: Gather your supplies. I used a small brayer to apply Magenta paint. The markings made using a brayer are so unique (especially if you never clean it, like me!) and I often prefer it over a brush for this very reason. Roll the paint onto the surface, covering the desired amount of space. I usually make sure the paint continuously touches opposite ends; in this case my paint reaches opposite ends on each edge of my surface, creating a cross of sorts.

Step 2: Lay the Wallpaper stencil over the dry paint and apply using Lemon and the Blending Tool. After the Lemon dries, apply Gusts using the Blending Tool and Peacock. Peacock is one of Dina’s new paint colors and I already know I’m going to be using it frequently.

Step 3: Using the Collage Paper (pattern of your choosing), paste it to your stencil work. You’ll notice that I tore my paper but you can cut yours if you prefer. I fancy the rough look of torn paper. Make sure the print from the stencil peeks out behind the Collage Paper. Select your favorite design from Dina’s new washi tape rolls and add them to your project. I ran two horizontal strips across the middle of the paper and one small vertical strip to create cohesion. What would my life be if I didn’t add a Fudeball pen scribble?

Step 4: For another collage effect I tore the Cotton Watercolor Paper into the shape I wanted and applied Turquoise with the Blending Tool and Tornado stencil. Next, I cut out the phrase “You are beautiful” from one of the Collage Phrases sheets and glued it to the watercolor paper. I used the seaweed stamp from the Scribbly Fishes collection, dipped in Eggplant paint, and stamped the image directly to the page. Finally, I pasted the watercolor paper over my washi tape collage.

Step 5: As a finishing touch, I added small doodle crosses with the Fudeball pen.

That’s all, folks! Be sure to check out Dina’s new supplies. RUN, don’t walk to your local art store and snag ‘em! Thanks for joining me and I encourage you to put your spin on this project because you, friend, are creative and capable. See you next time!

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