Archival Ink Mother's Day Card by Lauren Bergold

With Mother's Day just around the corner, it's time to go above and beyond for the special women in our lives! Follow along as Lauren Bergold combines bold Archival Ink shades with the latest stamps and stencils to create this stunning layered card for Mom!


I love making cards for family and friends and I always try to make an extra-special card with lots of layers and detail for my Mom on Mother's Day.


Step 1: Gather materials: Ranger Archival Inks in Beach Cruiser, Graphite, Sun Dazed, Chrome Yellow, Magenta Hue and Jet Black; Liquid Pearls in Mermaid; Stickles in Wine Cellar; Dina Wakley Media Pocket Circles Stamp Set; Letter It Loves and Family Clear Stamp sentiment sets; Simon Hurley create Sunrays Layering Stencil Set; Letter It white cardstock, Simon Hurley create Stark White Cardstock.


Step 2: Place Stencil One from Simon Hurley Sunrays Layering Stencil Set on top of a 4 x 5.25" panel of Letter It White Cardstock. Using a Ranger Mini Ink Blending Tool and a Domed Foam applicator, apply Chrome Yellow Archival Ink through the stencil.


Step 3: Replace Stencil One with Stencil Two from the Sunrays stencil set, taking care to line it up neatly. Apply Sun Dazed Archival through the stencil. Using a star die or a template and craft knife, cut out a 3" star from the upper righthand section of the Sun Ray panel, as pictured.


Step 4: Use sticky notes to mask off one section at a time of the darker yellow Sunrays from steps 1 and 2 and using the XOXO stamp from Letter It's Loves set, stamp the XOXO pattern repeatedly over all of the darker yellow rays, using Graphite Archival.


Step 5: Add Mermaid Liquid Pearls to the open spaces in all the X's and O's from Step 4. Apply directly from the applicator bottle, or dispense onto a palette and use a Ranger Angled Brush. When finished, set the panel aside on a flat surface and allow the Liquid Pearls to dry completely.


Step 6: On a 4.25 x 5.5“ panel of Letter It White Cardstock, use a slightly smaller star die or template to cut out a star in the same position as the one in Step 3 (it will act as a mat for the star in the Sunray panel). Apply Beach Cruiser Archival around the star aperture and around all of the edges of the panel.


Step 7: On a 3.75 x 4" panel of white cardstock, stamp the cursive "Mom" from Letter It's Family Stamp Set repeatedly in Magenta Hue Archival Ink until the entire panel is covered.


Step 8: Stamp the left-facing old-fashioned 1940's lady from Dina Wakley Media's Pocket Circles Stamp Set in Jet Black Archival on a scrap of white cardstock and again on a sticky note. From the sticky note, carefully cut the lady out of the circle and place it over the complete image on the cardstock one, to serve as a mask.


Step 9: Stamp, "Mom" from the Letter It Family set in Magenta Hue Archival so that it covers all of the blank space inside the circle of the 1940's lady stamp. Remove the mask and cut out the circle with scissors.


Step 10: Layer the yellow Sunray panel over the Beach Cruiser panel so that the stars line up neatly, with an even border all the way around. Affix with Perfect Card Adhesive. Layer the completed panel over the "Mom" panel so that the entire star-shaped aperture has pink cursive text showing through. Add the Pocket Circle lady using small pieces of Letter It Black Foam Roll Tape so that the text lines up with the background stamping.


Step 11: Stamp the solid heart from Letter It's Loves Stamp Set repeatedly around the star aperture, using Magenta Hue Archival. Apply Wine Cellar Stickles to the center of each heart. Set the panel aside on flat surface and allow the Stickles to dry completely.


Step 12: Create a 4.75 x 6" card from Simon Hurley create Stark White Cardstock. Working inside the card, stamp "Mom" in Magenta Hue, directly beneath "So glad you’re my" stamped in Graphite. Add "XOXO" stamped in Beach Cruiser and a few Magenta Hearts.


Step 13: Sign your card and send it to your Mother in time for Mother's Day or better yet, make plans to deliver it to your Mom in person and spend the day together!


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