Bag Essentials by Milagros Rivera

The new media journal by Dina Wakley is an absolute must have in your art supplies. The different textures and papers in each signature give you total creative freedom, the fabric lends even to stitching if you’re so inclined. This mini book is a gift I have prepared for my mom, I want to introduce her to art journaling in a smaller scale and I think this size will be less intimidating for her and she’ll get to play with all the different papers. But it’s also the perfect size to put in your handbag and carry everywhere, you never know where inspiration will strike right!


Step 1: Using Dina Wakley Media Board in 4”x 6” as a template, draw around it on the Dina Wakley Media Journal pages, you can choose where you will create the windows. I’ve chose to begin right on the very first page. Be advised that the handmade paper is like cloth and when cutting, be careful that you let yourself be guided by the threads of the burlap. You can also add pieces from the Ranger watercolor paper to the mix!

Step 2: Use two pieces of the media board to make the covers and cut strips of .5” x 6” of Sticky Back Canvas to bind the mini journal.

Step 3: Use Jet Black Archival Ink to stamp an image on the cover.

Step 4: Begin painting the cover. I continue to be deeply in love with the new Ranger squeegee and I use it to spread paint and to go over the stencils as well, it helps me cover more ground at the same time!

Step 5: Use a baby wipe over the stencil to remove some of the color. Add a secondary color over the stencil.

Step 6: Color in your fashion icon with more of Dina’s paints!

Step 7: Use The scribble stick in brown for the skin tone.

Begin working on your journal as well. I really liked the effect on the opposite side of my window, because it ended up looking like a monoprint!

Check out the new size, Ready for you to take in your bag anywhere.

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