Center Circle Hoops Card by Betz Golden

Center Circle Hoops Card by Betz Golden

By: Ranger |

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Make someone's birthday a slam dunk with this fun card by Betz Golden. In this tutorial, learn how to make a fun card with a surprising open great for any sports fan using the Simon Hurley create. Slam Dunk Clear Stamp and Nothing but Net Stencil.


Center Circle Hoops Card Step 1

Step 1: From Simon Hurley Stark White Cardstock cut a card base measuring 5.5 by 8.5 inch, score down the middle and cut a 3-inch circle in the center towards the top. Set the 3-inch circle to the side and cut another one (two total). Cut two 3.5 inch-circles, one 4 x 5.25-inch rectangle and a 1.25-inch x 4.75-inch strip.  

Center Circle Hoops Card Step 2

Step 2: Place the Nothing But Net Stencil on top of Card base with circle cut out and blend Guppy Ink over it.  Mist with a little water.  

Center Circle Hoops Card Step 3

Step 3: Stamp “Hoopy Birthday” from the Slam Dunk Stamp Set with Jet Black Archival Ink under the circle on the card front.  

Center Circle Hoops Card Step 4

Step 4: Stamp the basketball player on the 4 x 5.25-inch card base in Jet Black Ink. Stamp the sentiment and basketballs on one of the smaller circles with Jet Black, Guppy and Grrrr! On the second smaller circle stamp the small basketball, basketball hoop and number in Jet Black. Stamp the splat image behind the number in Over the Moon Ink.  

Center Circle Hoops Card Step 5

Step 5: Smooch Bee Sting, Game Over, Grrrr! and Guppy on the Silicone Mat. With a damp paint brush, paint the basketballs and hair a mix of Guppy and Bee Sting. Paint the player and backboard border Grrrrr! Use Game Over to paint the hardware on the basketball hoop and basketball players shirt and socks.

Center Circle Hoops Card Step 6

Step 6: Finally, use Midnight Snack to paint toe player’s shorts and shoes. Stamp a number on the jersey in Jet Black Archival Ink. 

Center Circle Hoops Card Step 7

Step 7: Using the Ink Blendng Tool with Foam, Blend Sike! On two smaller circles. Blend Midnight Snack on two larger circle. Blend Clear Skies around edges of card base. Blend Game Over on both sides of strip. Spritz water with Mister on two large circles and strip. Do not add water to the smaller circles because the images will run.  

Center Circle Hoops Card Step 8

Step 8: Adhere the strip on the inside of the card in the center of the open circle on the card front. 

Center Circle Hoops Card Step 9

Step 9: Adhere the player on top of the strip.  

Using foam tape, adhere the basketball backboard circle on a large blue circle. Adhere the sentiment circle on the other large blue circle. 

Center Circle Hoops Card Step 10

Step 10: Place the sentiment circle upside down on the open circle on the front of the card. Fold the strip onto the backside of the sentiment circle and adhere. Be careful to only adhere the strip to the circle and not the card.  

Center Circle Hoops Card Step 11

Step 11: Lay the other circle carefully on top of the circle that is adhered to the strip and then adhere it. The image should be facing you as a card front.   

Center Circle Hoops Card Step 12

Step 12: Test the card by opening the circle flap. The sentiment should be revealed as well as part of the player.

Center Circle Hoops Card Step 13

As the card is opened the player will be revealed.  

Center Circle Hoops Card Beauty

Finish off the card by adding Black Onyx Liquid Pearls. Inking all the edges is also a nice touch!