Dylusional Rocks by Debbie Tlach
Dylusional Rocks by Debbie Tlach

Dylusional Rocks by Debbie Tlach

By: Ranger |

Dylusions by Dyan Reaveley | Home Decor

by Debbie Tlach


Step 1: Begin your project by finding an assortment of rocks. They can vary in size and in color, but ideally, the smoother the surface, the easier it will be to write on. If you choose to stamp out an image on the rock, use Ranger Archival Ink in Jet Black and use a clear stamp. Do not use an acrylic block to apply the stamp, just ink the clear stamp and press directly onto the rock. By not using the acrylic block, it makes it easier to press the image down, especially if the rock is not a completely smooth surface. Once the ink is completely dry, go in with your Dylusions paint pens and begin coloring in. If your stamping becomes smudged when you go to take your clear stamp off, simply use the Ranger Solvent Cleaner to remove the ink before it dries, and begin again.

Step 2: You can also choose to freehand your images! If you don’t want to stamp out an image, you can just go ahead and draw your own original images using the fine tip nib of the Dylusions Paint Pens! Decorate small rocks and use them as garden identifiers, just as I have done here! I labeled the rocks with the fruit or vegetable that it corresponds to, and then drew and fun image to match. I’ll use these rocks to remember what I planted and where, it also brightens up my garden with fun colors!

The rocks don’t have to be used as harden identifiers, you can decorate your rocks with inspirational messages too!