Fast and Fun Symmetrical Art Journal Background by Stephenie Hamen

Fast and Fun Symmetrical Art Journal Background by Stephenie Hamen

By: Ranger |

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Guest Artist Stephenie Hamen shares a quick and simple background technique for art journals featuring Dylusions Spray Inks and Dina Wakley Media Gesso.


I love art journaling.  I never go anywhere without one on me – or maybe 2.  Lots of times I pre-make some backgrounds so that when I have time I can add my doodling.  Here’s one that is quick and fun to create.

1. Open your journal to a new set of pages. Spray the pages with water from your Mister

2. Pick a color of Dylusions spray and mist the pages quickly.  If over-saturated, use a paper towel to quickly wipe away pools.

3. Close the art journal and hold it for a second or two with your hand, adding light pressure.

4. Open the journal back up.  You should have a fairly symmetrical image across both pages.

5. Heat set your pages. Repeat the process with a second color.

7. Once you are happy with the colors, do a similar process with gesso.

8. Allow the gesso to dry completely.

9. Now you have created a fun background so all that is left to do is add your thoughts, your doodles, and the rest of your ink work to the page!

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