I Am Enough Art Journal Spread by Samantha “Scarlyton” Carlton

Hello! I’m Samantha, known as Scarlyton in the art community, and I’m thrilled to share the process of one of my art journal spreads in Dina Wakley’s Media Journal. I enjoy creating layers with paint and collage elements, so I wanted to show you my technique. Work along with me to create your very own art journal spread!


Step 1: To create a layered effect, I started by lightly writing a secret message (this is a journal, after all!) in pencil and added the Cellular stencil across two pages with Ocean paint and the Ink Blending Tool on top of my writing. After the paint dried, I applied a thin layer of Turquoise with a brush. Before the Turquoise dried, I put the Tracks stencil on top and removed some of the paint with a wet baby wipe.

Step 2: Into water I dipped the Lemon Scribble Stick to scribble lengthways across the top of the page. Keep in mind, the more water used, the more translucent the pigment; I used limited water to ensure opacity. After covering the top of the pages in Lemon, I propped up the journal and carefully used the sprayer to create.

Step 3: Using the Mini Favorites (Spinners) stencil, black paint, and ink blending tool, I added the stencil on opposite ends of the pages. After they dried, I created scribbles using the Fudeball pen. Because I can’t get enough layers or stencils, I added Lime paint using the Plastic Canvas stencil with a paintbrush.

Step 4: Using the 1oz. Blushing paint, I used the fine tip to add dots across the Lemon on my pages. While that dried, I added sprinkles of pigment using the Blackberry Scribble Stick. Dip the stick into water and use your finger to tap the stick over the area you want to cover. Next I used the Fractured Circles and Cheddar paint to add a pop of color on the spread.

Step 5: Magenta is one of my favorite colors so I scribbled it on using the applicator tipped bottle. I wanted the bright color to sit on top of my heavy black for a vibrant effect. For detail, tiny crosses were added using the Fudeball pen. The Woodcuts leaves were stamped onto white cardstock using Archival Ink and pasted onto the page. I also glued white tissue paper with smudged Cheddar and dotted Blushing to the spread.

Step 6: To create a mini collage, I stacked the following elements: ruffled muslin, packing paper, hand-painted pattern paper (featuring the Mini Favorites – Halves stencil and Magenta paint), and tissue paper. On the tissue paper I wrote a quote from one of my favorite psychologists, Carl Rogers. I glued the elements together using the Ranger collage stick and affixed the entire ensemble using hot glue.

Thanks for joining me and I hope you create something beautiful! Don’t be afraid to add your own twist to showcase your talent and personality.

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