Journaling with Scribble Sticks by Nicole Wright

Journaling with Scribble Sticks by Nicole Wright

By: Ranger |

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Any mixed media artists out there? You know you are… Nicole here and who doesn’t love to scribble! Follow me through this easy tutorial where I literally scribble the pages of this 115- year-old book on Capitalism, riveting I know.


Step 1: To prep the pages I applied a coat of white gesso. I wanted to see through to the words so I gently removed some of the white gesso creating a white wash effect. Pull out the Scribble Sticks and yep you can sketch with these.

Step 2: I scribbled the edge of the page with the colors I used to help me line them up. I scribbled each color through this rainbow wave. I keep a damp wipe on hand to help blend the scribbled lines. Makes the smearing easier.

Step 3: Help this rainbow wave pop by edging with the black scribble stick. Smudge and blend. Free stamp (no block) the Flutter Butterfly stamp inked with Mini Archival Jet Black at the end of the rainbow.

Step 4: I used a damp Q-Tip end to help blend the rainbow on the butterfly. I colored and blended the bottom half of the butterfly creating a drained effect. I applied some white gesso on some Super Stock to blend another Scribble Stick rainbow.

Step 5: With the blended rainbow I cut the Butterfly Duo. Pop the details of the Butterfly Duo by applying Mini Archival Jet Black Ink right onto the texture fade, emboss and check out that detail.

Step 6: Clean off the Mini Archival Jet Black Ink from the texture fade with Archival Ink Cleaner. I wanted to add a little texture with the rainbow wave and lightly removed some of the color with the splash stencil keeping it subtle.

Step 7: Pop the Butterfly Duo up and attach along the rainbow. Leaving the journal pages in a white wash of gesso shows off the paragraphs and lets the colorful Scribble Sticks pop.

Try something new with these vibrant Scribble Sticks. Scribble big areas and blend or try precision scribbles for stamping. Either way these versatile water-soluble crayons are a delight to create with.