Media Scribble Sticks Frida Pin by Debbie Tlach

Media Scribble Sticks Frida Pin by Debbie Tlach

By: Ranger |

Dina Wakley Media | Home Decor

by Debbie Tlach


Step 1: Working on a craft sheet. Stamp the Frida stamp onto the Media Board using the Archival Ink in Jet Black. Let dry or use Heat Tool.

Step 2: To get a light wash, scribble onto a Non-Stick Craft Sheet with a Scribble Stick. Then use the Waterbrush to add water and pick up color to make a wash.

To get a darker application, Use Scribble Sticks, in one or more colors, to accent areas on the stamped Media Board, then use the Waterbrush to liquefy the Scribble Sticks to create watercolor and colorize the image.

For a very intense application, color can be lifted directly from the crayon with the Waterbrush.

Dip the crayon directly into water to draw with watercolor.

Scribble & sketch without adding water to achieve a drybrush look. Let dry or use Heat Tool.

Step 3: Turn Media Board over and position pin. Adhere a strip of Washi Tape vertically to the board, over the back bar of the pin, to anchor it horizontally ¼” from the upper edge of the board.

Step 4: Place four more strips of Washi Tape horizontally to cover the back of the board and the sides, trim the excess. Pin onto your clothes & wear!