Strong Art Journal by Renae Davis

Renae Davis creates a tribute to the year 2020 and the things that we have been reminded to be thankful for through this year through her expression in her art journal. Follow along and see how she created this bright, vibrant spread in her Dylusions Large Creative Journal.


2020 has been a year for the books has it not friends? Every person around the world has been aected someway, somehow by the events that have taken over the globe. Yet, we still have so much to be thankful for. This is the year that we all have been forced to slow down, maybe a lot more than we would have liked to, and take a genuine revaluation of life as well as a rememberable appreciation for things, people, and services we tend to take for granted on a day-to-day basis. 2020 hasnt been a failure for us - we have learned how to rework life just a little bit dierently. This is an entry to help us remember what we have to be grateful for and that we can do hard things! 

Strong Art Journal Step 1


Step 1: In the large Dylusions Creative Journal, measure and trace with a pencil a 1- 3/4” border all the way around the edge of the two-page journal spread. 

Strong Art Journal Step 2Step 2: Spray a generous amount of the Dylusions Ink Spray mix of Pomegranate Seed, Squeezed Orange, and Pure Sunshine from top to bottom within the inner rectangle of the layout. Use the Distress Sprayer filled with water to help blend the mix. Repeat with multiple layers if needed to achieve full color depth. Let dry completely. 

Strong Art Journal Step 3

Step 3: Paint the thick-edged border around the layout with a layer of Dylusions Black Marble acrylic paint.

Strong Art Journal Step 4 

Step 4: Apply anti-static powder to the black-painted edge. Mount the three triangles from the Dylusions Quiltalicious stamp set edge to edge onto an acrylic block. Stamp with clear Perfect Medium onto the stamps and place the stamp trio in the middle of the bordered edge (there should be a thin black edge on both sides of the stamps). Continue around the entire black border of the layout. 

Cover the stamped areas with the small Perfect Pearls brush using a mix of Gold, Bronze and Copper Perfect Pearls. The shine on this black background is amazing! 

Once all stamped areas have been covered, use the bigger and fluer Perfect Pearls brush to brush off the excess powder. Using the Distress Sprayer, mist some water into the air and wave the  Perfect Pearled pages through the mist. Any excess powder can be sprayed with water onto the work surface and soaked with a scrap piece of paper for a shimmery glow. 

*Once misted with water, Perfect Pearls is designed not to require to be sealed with a permanent fixative, but you can do so at the end of project for added protection if you so desire!* 

Strong Art Journal Step 5

Step 5:  Apply different sizes of the circle ephemera and the giant flower in the corner from the Dylusions Collage Sheets with Matte Medium. I then journaled some things (in French cursive) I learned from this particular year around the edges of the circles with a black ink pen. 


#2020: We Are Making History 


The quote pictured here is from the Dylusions Bigger Back Chat Sticker set. 

Strong Art Journal Step 6

For the final and shimmery touches, add some sparkle to this page using Dylusions Shimmer Spray Ink in Pure Sunshine. Let it be a symbolic reminder that 2020 did have some bright moments when you look hard enough (: 



Renae DavisRenae Davis.
Art Journaler. Photographer. Daydreamer.
Art journaling is my jam. I started out Bible Journaling a couple of years ago that has now evolved into 20+ active luscious art journals of all sorts, sizes, and themes. I love making my own recycled art supplies and using every bit of scrap paper and pigment that I can get my inky hands on. You can visit Renae's website at or follow her on Instagram @redhedtm and on YouTube.


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