Wendy Vecchi Quick Autumn Border Cards by Terri Burson
Wendy Vecchi Quick Autumn Border Cards by Terri Burson

Wendy Vecchi Quick Autumn Border Cards by Terri Burson

By: Ranger |

Cards | Signature Designer: Wendy Vecchi

In this tutorial, Terri Burson shows you how to paint with Wendy Vecchi Archival Reinkers as she makes this quick and easy set of autumn border cards.



Hey crafty friends, Terri here.  I often like to create multiple cards that can be quickly replicated. Setting everything up in an assembly-like format is key. We’ll be painting and embellishing some negative space, plus using re-inkers. So grab your Isopropyl alcohol, pull up a seat, and let’s get started! 



Wendy Vecchi Quick Autumn Border Cards Step 1

Step 1: To begin, you’ll need four card panels. Trim three 1 x 4.25 inch strips from one of the Wendy Vecchi Perfect Cardstock White Panels. Take the remaining three panels and mask a border section with masking tape that measures 1.25 x 4.25 inch of white space.  Make sure the border section is within the upper third of your card panel. 



Wendy Vecchi Quick Autumn Border Cards Step 2

Step 2: Take your Wendy Vecchi Archival Ink Pad in Goldenrod and simply drag it across your masked area. It doesn’t have to look pretty. Drag the ink pad sideways and up and down to get enough coverage. Take care not to go beyond the bounds of your masking tape. Repeat for the next two masked card panels using Archival Ink Pad in Periwinkle and English Ivy, respectively, and set aside. 



Wendy Vecchi Quick Autumn Border Cards Step 3

Step 3: Take one of the cardstock strips and, using the Goldenrod Archival Ink, stamp freehand with your Perfect Stamp Positioner, using various leaves from the Wendy Vecchi Autumn Greetings Stamp, Die and Stencil Set. Repeat the stamping process with the remaining panel strips using the Periwinkle and English Ivy Archival Ink. 


Wendy Vecchi Quick Autumn Border Cards Step 4

Step 4: Place one drop of the Archival Ink Re-inker in English Ivy on your Craft Sheet and mix with a few drops of Isopropyl alcohol. Blend together with a small paintbrush. If you wish to dilute some of the color, pull some of the ink over on your Craft Sheet and dilute with more of the Isopropyl alcohol. 


Wendy Vecchi Quick Autumn Border Cards Step 5

Step 5: Paint the negative space around the leaves with your diluted ink. Clean your brush by dipping in plain Isopropyl alcohol, blotting on a paper towel, then rinse with warm water.  

Paint the remaining two panels, alternating the background negative space with the Archival Ink Re-inkers in Goldenrod and Periwinkle. Clean your brush between colors and clean as mentioned above. 



Wendy Vecchi Quick Autumn Border Cards Step 6

Step 6: Next, dip the new Wendy Vecchi Perfect Stylus Tool (now in a larger size) into the Periwinkle and Night Sky Liquid Pearls and dot onto your Periwinkle inked stamp strip. This tool helps eliminate any twirls from appearing on your dots and gives a more flat appearance.  Repeat the dotting process pairing the Petunia and Periwinkle Liquid Peals with your Goldenrod inked stamp strip. For the English Ivy painted panel strip, dot with Prickly Pear Liquid Pearls. They dry quickly but make sure it’s completely dry before adhering to your card panel. 



Wendy Vecchi Quick Autumn Border Cards Step 7

Step 7: Stamp your sentiment of choosing from the Autumn Greeting Stamp set to the lower right of each border using Ranger Archival Ink in Jet Black along with your MAKE ART Stay-tion, Perfect Stamp Positioner and Perfect Stamp Block. 



Wendy Vecchi Quick Autumn Border Cards Step 8

Step 8: Adhere each card panel to an accompanying Wendy Vecchi Perfect White A2 card with Perfect Card Adhesive. Add Ranger Adhesive Foam to the back of your stamped cardstock strips and center onto each inked border. 



Wendy Vecchi Quick Autumn Border Cards Step 9

Step 9: With so many color combinations, you can truly mix and match however you see fit, creating with your favorite favorite Fall/Autumn colors. Just have fun with it!  



  • Babs on

    Love, love, love these cards! I’m looking for a fall card that I can make in multiples quickly and these fit the bill. I’m just beginning to collect Wendy’s ink and accessories (reinkers, stylus, perfect pearls, etc.) and I don’t have enough complimentary colors to execute exactly as you have. Is it possible to use any other inks for this project? It’s so tempting to just bite the bullet and buy what I need, but always have to be mindful of checking account and using what I have. Appreciate your feedback.

  • Mari on

    A clean, simple classy card is the perfect all occasion card…. and this is a perfect Autumn one! Thanks so much for the inspiration! And I love the gift set idea too!

  • Barbara Floyd on

    Keep things that simple and I’ll love your lessons. Going to try this one today. Thanks

  • Colleen Hill on

    This is amazing, love that you can do with lot of different colours.

  • wendy vecchi on

    What a cool idea Make a set & gift it to a friend.
    Thanks Terri!

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