Window Journal Page by Megan Whisner Quinlan

Window Journal Page by Megan Whisner Quinlan

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Megan Whisner Quinlan shares an easy technique for adding dimension to your art journal by creating a window. Create two journal pages that pop using Dina Wakley Media Stamps, Stencils and the Collage Collective.

Ever want to create more three dimensional elements into art journal pages? Try using this tip for creating a “frame” with 2 pages in your art journal. It is a great project to use in the Dina Wakley MEdia Journal and it will add interest to your pages.

Dina Wakely Media Journal Page Window Step 1
Step 1: 
Cut out a face from the Dina Wakley MEdia Collage Collective. For this project, you can choose an image from either of the paper weights included in the book. Any image will work.

Dina Wakely Media Journal Page Window Step 2

Step 2: Stamp several circle shapes from the Dina Wakley Media For the Love of Circles Stamp Set onto white cardstock with Jet Black Archival Ink. Fill your page up as it is better to have some extra- you ca always save for another project!

Dina Wakely Media Journal Page Window Step 3

Step 3: Find two consecutive blank pages in your Media Journal. Cut out a frame from the top (first) page.

Dina Wakely Media Journal Page Window Step 4

Step 4: Cut out circles from your cardstock. Embellish them with scribble sticks to add some pops of color to your shapes.

Dina Wakely Media Journal Page Window Step 5

Step 5: Choose a color to use as your background and apply thickly to the bottom (second) page. In this project, Marine was used to offset the purples and yellow.

 Dina Wakely Media Journal Page Window Step 6

Step 6: Once paint has been applied, quickly lay the Dina Wakley MEdia Squoval Stencil over the page. Use a baby wipe to mop up the paint inside your stencil to create a pattern in your background. Allow 10-15 minutes to dry.

Dina Wakely Media Journal Page Window Step 7

Step 7: Find an inspirational quote from the Dina Wakley Collage Tissue. Be sure to tear so that when applied, your tissue will become “invisible” on your page.

Dina Wakely Media Journal Page Window Step 8

Step 8: Place circles onto the top of your Frame page. Play around and arrange the circles in clusters. It will add a more natural feel if you have some cut in half so that it appears as if they are “floating” in motion over the face. Apply circles and tissue to your frame with Tim Holtz Collage Medium or Dina Wakley Gel Medium once you’ve settled on your layout. Next, glue your face to the second page. Voila! You now have two pages that interact with each other and add more dimension to your art journal. Don’t forget to add some journaling to your pages!


  • Marcee Zakwieia on

    WOW!!!! This is amazing!!! Easy to complete, but so eye catching and professional appearing!! You are so creative; thank you for sharing your FABULOUS talent!!! 💖

  • Aja Bell on

    This is such a fantastic project. I am now following Megan on Insta and am super excited to try this in my journal.

  • PAtty on

    Thank you very much for sharing your creative process. Beautifully done and inspiring!!! I have some new to me products to check out now too!

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