Class in Session: QuickCure Clay

Class in Session: QuickCure Clay


Class in Session by Ranger Quickcure Clay

QuickCure Clay is a pliable clay formula that cures in minutes with just the use of an embossing heat tool, there's no need for a kiln or oven. Colorize clay with paints and mediums such as Tim Holtz® Alcohol Inks, Ranger Embossing Powders, Archival Inks, Vintaj® Patinas, Perfect Pearls and more. The finished product is very strong and durable, great for making sculptures, jewelry, and other mixed media projects. 

Ranger Quickcure Clay Sculpture
Did you know?
  • QuickCure Clay has a greater thermal stability than other polymer clays; with a tolerance up to 350 degrees C (> 600 degrees F)
  • QuickCure Clay is 5 times stronger than other polymer clays on the market and will support up to 6,000 lbs per square inch.
  • QuickCure Clay can be built in layers and cured in stages. Clay will bond to previously cured clay. Quickcure Clay adheres to wood, paper, and other porous surfaces and can be sanded, drilled, and buffed.
  • QuickCure Clay can be built around armatures, Styrofoam™, foil, wire, and tape.
 Using QuickCure Clay
  • QuickCure Clay should be used in a well-ventilated area. Use a face mask, fan or fume extractor if sensitive to odors.
  • Nitrile gloves are suggested when handling or working with QuickCure Clay. Wash hands thoroughly with soap and water after handling.
  • Use caution while curing QuickCure Clay as it will get hot during the curing process. Curing begins when you see a small change in texture of the clay. Protect your work surfaces, heat and cure project on the Ranger Non-Stick Craft Sheet. 
  • QuickCure Clay is sold in a resealable bag, however there is no need to worry about it drying out as it has an unlimited open time. The clay will only harden when cured. The long open time gives you more time to create and helps prevent product waste. 

  QuickCure Clay in 4 Easy Steps: Sculpt, Cure, Cool, Colorize

Ranger QuickCure Clay 4 Steps

How to Cure Quickcure Clay by Debbie Tlach

In this video, Ranger's Debbie Tlach shares how easy it is to work with and cure QuickCure Clay with just the use of an embossing tool like Ranger's Heat It Craft Tool.  Simply sculpt, cure, cool & colorize for endless jewelry, sculpture, and mixed media projects.

Ideas & Inspiration using Quickcure Clay

Ranger Quickcure Clay Ideas and Inspiration

  • Explore the artistic creations of Clay & Mixed Media Artist Jamie Dougherty at
  • Follow a step-by step tutorial from guest designer Milagros Rivera in this stunning Waterlily Necklace jewelry project using QuickCure Clay & ICE Resin. 
  • Get hands on this artists Debbie Tlach & Sharen AK Harris at the 2019 Bead & Button Show. Sign up here for our exciting QuickCure Clay Make & Takes. 
  • Follow on Instagram QuickCure Clay developer, Professor John Pojman  @quickcureclay for even more clay ideas and inspiration. 
  • Join the QuickCure Clay Group on Facebook!

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