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Festive Log House by Nicole Wright

Published on: November 24th, 2015 9:05 AM Posted in: Holiday, Home Decor/3D

Festive Log House by Nicole Wright

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Festive Log House by Nicole Wright
Hi Ranger fans, Nicole here and I am back with a Festive Holiday Log House Dwelling. These wee houses are very popular. There are so many ways you can alter them. You can stamp, stain, ink, paint or add texture paste to make them unique. I wanted to create a wood effect using actual wood. Check out this step by step where you will learn how to create your own log house dwelling.

Festive Log House by Nicole WrightStep 1: I cut the Village Dwelling with mat board. Then I used the accessory Village Winter die to cut out the window frame and icy pieces. I picked these wood coffee sticks up at the dollar store. These are thinner than a popsicle stick.

Festive Log House by Nicole WrightStep 2: Trim the rounded edges of the sticks and add a thin line of hot glue to the dwelling, then attach the stick. You can trim the extra off once it’s in place. Get ready to do some trimming to go around the windows and doors.

Festive Log House by Nicole WrightStep 3: Dry fit your stick as you go around the windows. Use a pencil to mark where you cut. Trim each piece and glue as you go. Dry fit the stick to go around the rounded door and mark your angle with a pencil and trim. Once it fits, glue into place.

Festive Log House by Nicole WrightStep 4: Follow this technique for the whole house to create your log house. Who doesn’t want to be a log house builder! I took the door off and glued one stick in the center.

Festive Log House by Nicole WrightStep 5: Add the 2 end pieces, then trim. By doing this the door will look even.

Festive Log House by Nicole WrightStep 6: Once the wood is on you can connect the house. This is where you will see the white of the mat board and the rough cuts of the wood. Let’s hide that with more sticks, creating a finished edge. You will need 2 pieces for each side. Trim to length and overhang the piece a bit.

Festive Log House by Nicole WrightStep 7: Glue the finished wood edges to all 4 four corners. Now for the fun! I used Vintage Photo Distress Sprays Stain for my log house. Simply spray onto the house and the wood soaks in the stain.

Festive Log House by Nicole WrightStep 8: You can use some paper towel to rub off the extra stain. To create contrast I sprayed the door with Ground Espresso.

Festive Log House by Nicole WrightStep 9: For the wood pillars I used small craft dowels, also from the dollar store, sprayed in more Ground Espresso Distress Spray Stain. Set aside to decorate later. The step and chimney were sprayed with Hickory Smoke Distress Spray Stain. I used the bricked stencil and the Iced Enamel Relique Powder. I love this stuff!

Festive Log House by Nicole WrightStep 10: Cut the windows out using the village winter die. For a pop of color the window frames are gorgeous with Fired Brick Distress Spray Stain and a little Ground Espresso Distress Ink for the edges. I added some frosted film to the inside of the windows for a chilly effect.

Festive Log House by Nicole WrightStep 11: Once the windows have been frosted the roof can be built. I love the tin roof look for wood houses. So I cut some corrugated cardboard and inked with more Fired Brick Distress Spray Stain. Ink the edges of the roof with more Ground Espresso Distress Ink.

Festive Log House by Nicole WrightStep 12: Attach the roof to the house and start to decorate! I always love this part. I love using these mini vintage lights on my holiday projects. I attached them around the roof with hot glue. Wrap silver tinsel twine to the dowel pillars. You can distress the tinsel with a heat gun giving it a vintage feel. Then attach to the house.

Festive Log House by Nicole WrightStep 13: I sprayed the woodland trees with Peeled Paint Distress Spray Stain ready for some charms. The snowflake charms are perfect with Picket Fence Distress Paint. I used Alcohol Inks Poppyseed for the Candy Canes and Meadow for the Believe Charm. These small wood blocks are perfect gifts inked with more Distress Spray Stain Fired Brick, Twisted Citron and Picket Fence.

Festive Log House by Nicole WrightStep 14: I used more frosted film cut with the village winter die to make all the icy parts. The woodland tree looks awesome with all the inked charms. I bent the tree top over as it holds the weight of the Believe Charm.

Festive Log House by Nicole WrightStep 15: You can decorate the wee presents with charms, jute and tinsel twine. Alcohol Inks are a great way to add color to your metal charms.

Festive Log House by Nicole WrightStep 16: I love the Iced Enamel on the chimney. The log wood siding is easy to create and works great with the Distress Spray Stains. When you pull all your Ranger stuff together you can create any look you want with any material you may have.

I bet you’re thinking about those popsicle sticks, coffee sticks and wood dowels in a whole new light. Combined with Distress Spray Stains the possibilities are endless!

Happy Holiday Crafting.

Nicole Wright HeadshotI love making a mess with paper, inky and sticky things! I’ve been around awhile creating, blogging and teaching along the way. I can get easily bored so I am always looking for a challenge. If it’s in my craft room then I am using it. I love sharing what I learn and what I’m creating. I love to blog, network and build my mini crafty empire. This is where I get to connect with people all over the world, share and learn! I am inspired everyday and love making connections. Without my blog I wouldn’t be creating as much as I do. You can find me at Nicole Wright Designs