Be Different by Miranda van den Bosch

Be different is the name of this creation. Being different as in “ standing out of the crowd,” but it has another meaning also. With the Dylusions stamps you create new images over and over again and those will be different than the ones you’ve used before…LOL. Well, that is what I like about the Dylusions stamps. You can swap heads and bodies over and over again to make new fabulous images.


Step 1: I’ve started my creation with trimming the pages using the journal block and and an extra sheet from the large journal inserts (picture 1). Colour the extra page with Pomegranate Seed, Tangerine Dream and Bubblegum Pink (picture 2). Use the Mini Ink Blending Tool by Ranger to blend the colours on your page (picture 3). Add structure to your page using the Cobwebs, Holes and Direction Stencils. For adding the arrows of the Direction Stencil I used White Linen. For a background I normally I use the same colours I already have used before. Adding a new colour will draw too much attention and this colour will be part of the foreground instead of the background. White and black are always ok to add. The will make the colours pop (picture 4).

Step 2: I used the leaves from the Doodle Parts stamp set to stamp some leaves at the top and bottom. Allthough I used the Archival Ink Jet Black, I always colour the black part again using the Dylusions Black Marble Paint Pen. Add a little highlight with the Dylusions White Linen Paint Pen.

Stamp the toadstools and image on the smooth side of the Watercolour Paper. Start with a wash of colour using either watercolour pencils or distress crayons or Dylusions ink (anything soluble in water will be fine). After the 1st wash I add more colour and depth using colouring pencils.

Cut out all the images and glue them on your page with the Ranger Glue Stick.

Step 3: For the next page I used Polished Jade, Crushed Grape and London Blue Paints. Add the paints with a Mini Ink Blending Tool and blend all colours together (picture 1). Add structure to the page using the following stencils Circles, Hearts and Number Jumble. (picture 2).
After adding the stencils your pages will look like this (picture 3). Use the Journal Block and the Dylusions Paint Pens to draw a border (picure 4).

Step 4: I taped the extra page to the large spread using Dina Wakley’s Mixed Media Tape. I add a border using the flowers from the Anatomy of a Page Stamp Set (picture 1). I coloured all flowers using colouring pencils. Cut out all the flowers and glue them to your page (picture 2). The rest of the border will be made with a stamp from the Ocean Backgrounds Stamp Set and coloured with the Dylusions paint pen Black Marble (picture 3).

Step 5: The colours reminded me of the ocean so I decided to add a catfish or should I say a mercat. Well, this is just the fun of using the Dylusions stamps, isn’t it. You can create new creatures. For my mercat I used the head of the Puddy Cats, the body of Always and tail of Doodle Delights.

I also used the tiny fish background stamp and a squid from the Under the Sea stamp set. All images are coloured with colouring pencils, cut out and glued to my pages with the Ranger gluestick. The image on the left is made with the passage of time stamp set.

Step 6: For the middle page I used the Slate Grey, Funky Fuchsia and Pure Sunshine paints. The stencils are Cobwebs, Fresh Dots and Flower Pop Used the same colours as for the background and added a little Black Marble (picture 1).

I love the flowers in the Anatomy of a Page stamp set, so I used them again. Stamped them on the page and on a separate sheet of watercolour paper. I coloured all flowers with colouring pencils, cut them out and glued them to the page (picture 2).

For the flowers and toadstools I used the same colours as in the background (picture 3).

Step 7: The toadstools are from the Shrooms stamp set. I like the combination of Toadstools and Flowers, so I had a great time colouring these (picture 1). The body is from the Shrooms stamp set too. The head is from the Oh, Deer stamp set. It’s so funny to swap all the heads with the different bodies in the Dylusions stamp collection (picture 2 and 3).

Step 8: I love the combination of Slate Grey, Funky Fuchsia and Pure Sunshine. It ‘s one of my favorite colour combinations of this moment. The colours really look lush, don’t they.

At the top of the page I stamped the leaves from the Branching Out stamp set and coloured all the leaves again, using the Dylusions paint pen, Black Marble.

Step 9: The paints that I used for this spread are Postbox Red, Funky Fuchsia and Crushed Grape. The stencils are Direction, Raining Cats and Squares. Again, I used the same colours of paints and added a little white to make it a bit more interesting (picture 1).

The trees are from a older Christmas stamp set, called One, Two Tree. I stamped on a piece of watercolour paper and coloured them using colouring pencils. Cut the trees out and glue them to the page (picture 2).
For the image I used 2 different sets, the Eyes Have It and I Can See Clearly (picture 3).

Step 10: On this page I used other elements of the Analomy of a Page stamp set, but I admit I was tempted to use the flowers again, because they are so awesome.

Step 11: And here are all the pages toegther again. The quotes are from Dyan’s sweet sayings on the How About Never stamp set. The other quotes were found on the internet and handwritten with the Dylusions Paint Pens.

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