Dina Wakley Halloween Page by Cheiron Brandon

Dina Wakley Halloween Page by Cheiron Brandon

By: Ranger |

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Hi there. It’s Cheiron here, with a fun Halloween journal page. I am always looking for ways to stretch my supplies, and this time I’m turning some new Dina Wakley stamps into little pumpkins.


Step 1: I have used up all the double watercolor paper layouts in my Dina Wakley Media journal, so for this page I decided to use a watercolor page and a burlap page, which seemed like the perfect surface for fall.

Step 2: I painted the watercolor page and a tag with Night paint, which is a wonderful color for my Halloween background.

Step 3: I then used different sizes of the Swirling Dashes stencil to create marks on my background with Blackberry and Lime Paint using a foam blending tool.

Step 4: Continue applying the paint through the stencil with the same paint colors on the burlap side.

Step 5: Add the same marks to the tag as well.

Step 6: I also added some marks with Gilt paint to my journal and tag as well to give it a little more contrast.

Step 7: Then I used the foam applicator to apply the Gilt paint to the edges of my tag.

Step 8: I used the stars from the Splatter Girl set to create some more marks on my pages with White paint.

Step 9: Be sure to wash your stamps off as soon as you are done so the paint does not dry on them.

Step 10: Next, it’s time to create the paper to stamp the pumpkins on. I started with a piece of deli paper and used the Honeycomb stencil with some Lemon paint to create my first layer.

Step 11: Then add more layers to the paper. I used Cheddar paint with the Medieval Crosses stencil to create my second layer. Continue adding layers with stamps and stencils until your paper is mostly covered. I used Text and Scribble stamps and the Swirling Dashes stencil to complete my paper.

Step 12: Next stamp the moon faces from Oops Oh Well using the Tim Holtz Stamp Platform using Jet Black Archival Ink.

Step 13: Using Distress Collage Medium, adhere your deli paper to a piece of white cardstock. Once it has dried cut out the faces making sure to cut out a little pumpkin “stem” the top. I adhered one of the pumpkins to my tag, and colored the “stem” with Lime paint.

Step 14: Cut out the remaining pumpkins and give them stems too.

Step 14: Adhere the pumpkins and the pumpkin tag to your page. Finish off the page with some Tim Holtz Halloween Clippings stickers.